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Aarti’s Blog – Much delayed but here it is

How does it feel be eliminated so soon?

It was little sad that I had to leave so soon. Though I am not sad about the fact that I had to leave the guys but I was sad to leave some of my good friends in the show. I realised there was a lot of bitching and dirty politics going on from unexpected girls. But I made some really good friends and would love to be in touch with them. So I am happy that I am eliminated and I don’t have to suffer the dirty game.

Reason for elimination?

We all were paired against each other and had to dare each other to do something wild and wicked. I was paired against my best friend Shruti unfortunately. As she was my friend I wouldn’t give her anything tough and she dared me to abuse in Hindi. She knew I wouldn’t do it. Though I tried my best but I quit as I couldn’t swear too much and I was sent to the dumping zone.

On the date I was sent with 3 other chicks: Shraddha, Hannah and Bianca. On the date, I had conversations with both of the guys individually. Though I think Bianca is good at getting guys in her feet with her seductive ways, and that is something I’ll never do. That has helped her to be in the show. Where Hannah is full of melodrama. Hence she is a good entertainer. And so is Shraddha. So I am happy I was myself and I got eliminated. Because I think, IT’S BETTER TO BE HATED FOR WHAT YOU ARE THAN TO BE LOVED FOR WHAT YOU ARE NOT.

Your pick from the two boys?

Honestly, I am just not attracted to any one of them. I think Varun is a little arrogant one and I can never be in company with somebody like that. Where Vishal is a very silent person and I am super-adventurous and a huge chatterbox. Though, it takes time for me to gel with people. If given an option, my pick would be Rannvijay.

Who has the best chance in the girls to win the boys?

I think Shraddha stands the best chance to win the boys. As I have seen her off the camera and on camera, she is a total different person. I think her DRAMA will definitely help her getting the guys in her kitty. I think being sweetly fake is definitely gonna help her.

Your friends in Splitsvilla?

I have made some really good friends in the villa. That includes Anubha, Bosky, Shruti, Yamini , Annie and Hoorzan. These are some of the best people in the villa and I would love to see them again. As far as my roommates are concerned, they were very sweet and they have always been really warm and created a homely atmosphere. They would always take good care of me and especially we all had mutual understanding. Bosky was one person I would any time go to and talk with.

The girl you didn’t like at all?

The girl I didn’t like at all was Bianca. I don’t really have any grudges against her though I find her PLAIN FAKE! I hate her gestures, they are not at all warm and she mostly fakes it. And she didn’t really treat some of the girls well in the villa. But the most unbelievable person was Shraddha. I didn’t expect her at all to be so fake. Because I had always been a good friend to her but she is mostly a little cold and unrealistic.

Your experience at Splitsvilla?

Honestly I had a great experience. I made some good friends and got to know what extent of self-esteem woman can grip for. So I even got to learn that money can violate one’s mind.

Would you come back if given a chance?

If I ever get a chance to stay in the villa and stay with my friends I would love to. But if I am asked to come back to the game I would say I QUIT. Because I think it’s a dirty game and not worth playing and not my cup of tea. And where I was dumped they have been sorry. So somewhere they felt bad about not knowing me but if given a chance I would have dumped them long ago.