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  1. hey annie shud hav stayed…she was d only sweet gal of the show…she shoud cum bak…wht she did was nuthin gr8…it was made a big issue 4 no reason….dis whole show is of no trust…no1 wanna share deir guy…no1 wants ne 1 2 win dis show….so why is annie out…vishal n annie made a gr8 pair…i think mtv should get annie bak…dere r hardly few gals who r gud

    PLZZZZZZ vishal dont go 4 sharddah…plzzzz
    thin bout annie

  2. hi,

    i think that bianca should be kicked off as she is one of the most crazy girls and it appears that she is hungry for love……………i think it is better she is dumped as she can find some one else out there. She is not fit to be there, as he looks r so bad and her style of dressing is very funny…………….i hte her walk and even her talk. So guys plz dump her before we stop seeing your show.

  3. Hey Raghu U r an ass Hole man
    Why Did U dumped Annie ? U r not the one For LOve Vishal And Varun Are there for love. Bring annie back or we will stop watching ur Show Annie and Vishal are made for each other,. Annie COme BAck.
    otherwise ur show will not work anymore

  4. Annie we all are with u
    u should come back .Annie is only the beautiful and cute girl there made for Vishal .
    Bring annie BAck Before we stop watching ur damn show

  5. hey annie shud be cum back & what she had done was nthing gr8 she was so cutieeeee gals among them and vishal & annie pair is gr8 then sharddah
    if annie is not cumng back then we will not see ur show man
    & sharddah shud be dumped she is thinking that vishal is crzyyy 4 her. her looks r also so bad
    so vishal never think abt V first u think abt ANNIE plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring back annie

  6. It was very unfair to eliminate annie in this manner..none of the girls are really faithful or trustworthy that way..Only problem with annie was she was too innocent to be on that show…vishal looks better with annie than shraddha..and shraddha is always so jealous of girls who try to talk to vishal as though she owns him!!

  7. Hey Raghu plz bring any back in the show because she deserves Vishal………she is the only one girl in the show who is sweet and cute…..

  8. i am glad that annie was dumped. i think what raghu said was 100% true- trust is very important for a relationship. annie had everything with her- good looks, innocence, sweetness etc etc… but what she lacked was keeping trust! why did she give yamini false hopes? why didn’t she stick to her words? she acted immaturely.. she wouldn’t have lost anything if she had kept yamini’s trust. infact she wouldn’t have been dumped at all! whatever raghu told her is very true.. she decieved someone n she has to pay for it. if one can keep the trust of their fellow contenders, then it is sure that they can keep the trust of the guys. n only that person deserves to win.

  9. heyyyyyyyyy Raghu wat u hav done wit Annie is totally unfair.Splitsvilla is abt 2 win boyz heart n not 2 gain gals trust.each n every gals r trying there best 2 b in splitsvilla soooooo v dnt think unfair wat annie had done with yamini. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Raghu bring annie back. v miss annie alot in the show. she is the only one who will b a gud compitition 2 sredha. she think that vishal is crazy abt her. EVERYTHING IN LOVE IS FAIR. ANNIE V MISSSSSS UUUUUUUUUUUUU

  10. Annie sud come back.vishal dnt go for shraddah. Annie n u both look gr8……Raghu bring Annie back b4 v stop watching splisvilla.she is the only gal who deserves 2 b in the show

  11. sraddah is not a gud pair 4 vishal with comprd to Annie……Raghu…….
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………………………………………….brng Annie come back……Annie sud partcpt tis show b’cz,she dersve it…..sraddah tink tat vishal crazy abt her…..tats never happens….already Annie wins ter……..Raghu……..plz………..annie sud come back

  12. it was unfair… bosky should have been kicked out of teh show for being such a b****
    annie deserve’s to come back.. she never broke teh guy’s trust…

  13. m glad dat annie was dumped..breakin trust means breakin it….wheather itz of grl or guyz…1 who can betray her frnd can also betray vishal…nd intially she liked varun den vishal..wat it is it man?? just bcoz vishal was payin more attention 2 her so he was easy 2 conquer..?? at d same time shraddha doesn’t deserve vishal…cz she thinks highy of herself..she thinks dat if she’s crazy abt him..dat imply’s dat vishal 2 is crazy 4 her..wich i think is wrong…..
    actualy lukin wise…only prianca deserves both of dem…. cz she is vry gud lukin..nd smart 2.
    nature wise….i guess..every1 is same…every1 is a b****

  14. nd plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dump aarti nd bianca…dey r ridiculous

  15. sorry not aarti ….hannah…she is soo so…useless

  16. infact anubha nd yamini r also gud lukin….nd m crazy abt anubha’s belly dance……..ooooooomphh

  17. well i fyl dumping annie was gud n was bad too…well i dynt lyk d part in d beginning of d show wen they said tat dose gurls goin our 4 d dates will nt b eliminated…i mean cunfsin cz annie got dumped afta tat..okie it must hve byn a part of d gme thng o wadeva..n yah wad thng creeped in ma mind was…hw cum u guys wre lyk so damn sure..1 wud break d trust if no 1 wud hve broken d trust tan?wad wud had happen?,..yamini wud hve got dumped huh?..mann tis games reall sumthng..mke d public mre clear bout wads happening..well raghu m sure u wre ryt in ur own way..yep i dunt tnk annie styl deserves 2 b i styl remmeba wen she said sshe was realli crazy over varun once a tym..dang dats funni…cz nw at d end she says vishal n nw again afta everythng’s ovan she saysng she dint lyk any1 actuali..funnie yah…wadeva…carri on wit d show..i hpe it will b a success

  18. i thnk annie shud cm bk she ws d nly sweet gal in d show n she cd b trstwrthy raghu u r vry cruel

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