Shruti’s Blog

How does it feel be eliminated?
I have never been eliminated or dumped by any guy in my whole life. Rather I have dumped guys so it feels bad. But I hardly give a shit now coz d guys suck big time.

Reason for elimination?
I got eliminated coz I wasn’t very gud with flirting. I don’t believe in flirting. I believe in love. I could not form a connection with the 2 strangers. Love is a beautiful thing and it can’t be faked. It comes naturally. Also the other girls were very gud with flirting and faking it. But I don’t regret anything coz this is the way I am. Love it or leave it.

Your pick from the two boys?
I pick Varun. He is cute and gud 2 talk 2. But Vishal, though he is gud 2 look at, but he sucked when he opened his mouth.

Who among the girls has the best chance to win the boys?
I think Shradha is sugar-coated. She has been into drama for 4 bloody years. She is very gud in pretending and faking things. So she has a gud chance of winning as she has a gud connection with Vishal also.

Your friends in Splitsvilla?
AARTI, YAMINI AND ANUBHA were my room-mates and we had a blast in the show. They r gud friends.

The girl you didn’t like at all?
I hate Shradha, Henna and Ritu to the core coz they were actually playing games and were manipulative. They were all very clever, cunning and fake..

Your experience at Splitsvilla?
My experience was very gud. I got 2 learn a lot. It was gud 2 actually live with 20 girls bitching and gossiping about each other. It was fun. We got the best of the treatment in the beautiful villa.

Would you come back if given a chance?
Yes, I would definitely cum back and play all sorts of game this time. Now that I know each one of them nicely I can actually bajao their band…! Probably use those 20 galiyaan in the dare on these girls. As helping verbs. He he he….


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