So that was it.

Episode 1. (which we’ll get to shortly)

If Episode 1 (which I’m inching towards) is anything to go by, we’re in for a friggin’ ride-and-a-half with the new season of Splitsvilla… the brand spankin’ new romance reality show on MTV, where (and you’ll probably be sick of hearing this from me), love is war.

Before we get into the meat of what was EP1 (which I’m moving steadily closer to), let me tell you about the crew we have. Several of them are roadies stalwarts and old salts at shooting reality. Most are the sorts whose kneecaps will explode with the starin of standing behind a camera all day, but would still keep rolling tape on crutches. All are bloody insomniacs!

Then there are the production and art direction lads. 48 hours before the contestants were to arrive – the whole place was a shambles. The villa still had to be prepared.. the dumping ground mashaals were still being made, the new deck and arrival jetty was incomplete… and the damn beer that would keep us all going still hadn’t been chilled.

No panic. Nails were being hammered into wood and logs were being sawed right thru the frickin’ night. How do I know this? Because the noise and the halogen lights they worked under didn’t let anyone sleep.

No worries. By now the beer HAD chilled and several pints were quaffed at 6am while we watched a spectacular sunrise unfold across the eastern sky. The view at Splitsvilla (we’ve taken over the boutique hotel Casa Colvale) is ginormously magnificent. Dawn also brought with it the realization that the new deck was ready and painted!

And so began episode 1. Not with pints of amber liquid, but with the arrival of the girls at the villa. The boys followed (proving the ancient adage that whither girls, thither boys) and much merriment followed at the villa. Sadly, nobody made any move towards the pool, which I had personally ensured that none of the crew took a piss in. What a waste! Ah well, another day perhaps.

After I met the contestants and informed them about the party… the first signs of flirtation (and trouble) emerged. It’s name was Meenakshi. She has this innate quality that makes men hone in on her like bees to a bouquet. The frostiness between here and her Ex-boyfriend (the jury’s still getting clarity on that one) was however quite apparent as well.

Mohit and Joana were, by a twist of fate and a barrelful of luck, voted King and Queen and the Villa. They exercised their absolute power twice and 4 people were back on a boat ride they were hoping not to have to take, for quite a while.

I felt quite bad for Bhav Aman, Swagata, Sakshi and Varun… but that unfortunately was how the first episode was planned. 4 people dumped with the power to dump vested in the Villa’s new King and Queen.

But absolute power corrupts absolutely. And Mohit is soon going to make himself really, REALLY unpopular in the Villa. His actions come close to making some of the boys want to thump the living daylights out of him.

To find out what goes down with Mohit – make sure you catch Episode 2 of Splitsvilla next Saturday … on MTV.

4 Responses

  1. To be very honest, Splitsvilla 2 is a sick show..!!!!!
    stop airing this,because
    >it’s boring,
    >the concept of king and queen sucks,
    >the caption, “love is war” doesn’t go with the show…you should have written,”there is no love”…or something like that..
    >the rules are not fare(just because you created the show…doesn’t can do anything with the show…which is uninteresting, boring and sucks.
    >there is NO LOVE IN SPLITSVILLA 2..There is only glamor,boring dates, seducing dances/parties and disgusting dumping zones(i dont know, ..who even came up with that idea).
    >If you want models, to host a new program in MTV, just select them during an audition. and air them… why are you people wasting money and time.?
    SPLITSVILLA 2 is a complete NONSENSE.

    where is love in splitsvilla 2, according to the caption “love is war”…?
    people meet for the first time, suddenly there is king and queen(just because, majority voted for them,,,after knowing them for 3-5 hrs).Then the king and queen are the lords(who can dump people out ,as they like)..Then all the guys, impress the queen, and all the girls impress the king.


    this is one of the example where, everybody including the creative head…..has completely failed.

    it’s just too harsh.. and i don’t think so ,the show, has kept up to the expectations of people ,after SPLITSVILLA 1.
    if i rate the show from 0 to 10(where 0 is the least marks and 10 is the highest marks) i will give 1/10. The rating 1 is because, of the place and is definitely not for the show.(the idea sucks).

  2. yea thats very true, i second with Gopinath…the show really sucked to death!!!! N HATS OFF TO ROADIES n its crew, n whoever gives the ideas… im a hardcore fan of roadies….n really want to like splitsvilla 2 as much as i did the last season, but all my efforts went in vain after watching the first episode… really IT WAS AN ATTHYACHAAR FOR THE VIEWERS….

  3. ..they should really call it fucking screwed up villa really..sick show man…really is..and whats with the “dumping ground” thing – that sounds more like some place where people go and dump their shit out and nikhil and i used to be a fan of this guy in the late 90s..sadly he looks more like a pimp on the show..i hope you guys didnt catch episode 2 cause if you did you might wanna kick the livin daylights outta that SOB mohit…you know you’d think he’d at least have the sense not to smile when people arent sayin too many pleasantries about him..but no sir on comes that rotten smile ..more like an evil smirk really…man MTV sure has gone potty this time…why are they sittin on their backsides…why dont they throw mohit to the dogs..i mean “dethrone” him after a vote from the girls and elect someone else king..and he’ll sure get his ass kicked after that …might help with the TRPs dont you think?

  4. i don’t understand, why MTV is still airing it…. anyways i did not watch the 2nd episode….

    surely these people are spoiling the reputation of MTV……..

    MTV should do something about this….

    and i agree with venkat.. because…Nikhil surely has picked a wrong show to host

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