Two dishy men. Twenty sexy ladies. One villa in gorgeous Goa. And the torrid game of love…
MTV brings you Splitsvilla, the newest, sexiest, naughtiest reality show on television. Two steaming-hot hunks get to pick and choose from 20 sizzling-hot girls based on certain ‘tasks’ they have to perform every episode. (Now, now. Behave!) Obviously the ladies are going to go all out to grab their attention. We mean ALL OUT.

3 Responses

  1. splitsvilla .. concept iself is quite questionable… finding love in controlled environment for a big booty(referring to the cash and mtv assignment promise..not the two blokes on offer)! seems fake.. understand that mtv is all about youth fun entertainment but ethics should also be there.. i would want to know that if the big prize was not their at the end..would the girls still want to woo the boys?… naah! dont think so..
    reality tv is entertaining but showcasing the youth in such light is not appreciated. may have wrong influence on impressionable minds..
    also showcases women in quite a sorry state.. to go to any length to win a man in order to win a grand prize… quite disgusting.. or is this the fun element / usp of the show.. despicable!

  2. i want to be a roadie……..

  3. it was is n vil b a rockihn show

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