MTV Splitsvilla 12 July Episode 6 Summary

The temprature in Splitsvilla hits an all time high – Rannvijay puts the girls on to a ‘strings and white’ photo shoot by the beach. The hunky Varun and Vishal saunter into the villa to enchant Heena and Prianca, leaving Sharddha heartbroken. The morning after – pretty pictures are left to test. At Rannvijay’s “Bajate raho ” session, Ritu’s picture dons the mask; the girls vote it the worst photograph.



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Prianca Sharma vs Bosky Bhatia In Cat Fight

Prianca condemned Bosky for this behavior and also gave her a good piece of her mind. Bosky tried to defend herself but her arguments were not strong enough to match up with Prianca’s allegation. Prianca said that during the date, Bosky did not have enough substance to hold a conversation and that is why she had to stoop down to talk sleaze about Prianca.


MTV Splitsvilla : The Final Countdown

The last episode of Splitsvilla was definitely a memorable one with the girls showing their glamorous side at the beach photo shoot. When it came down to the dumping session, Minakshi was voted out by the girls and had to leave Splitsvilla. But as always the journey continues.


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Love Cards n Dating Tips From Splitsvilla’s Wicked Cupid


Anubha’s Anubhav at Splitsvilla…

How does it feel being eliminated?
It definitely doesn’t feel gud as life in Splitsvilla was so much fun, so different n so full of suprises, all that spice n drama which u usually miss out in daily life. All those competitions, cat fights, bitching sessions, getting ready, tryin 2 luk ur best, all those Bajate Raho sessions… ooh!! It was gud, am gonna miss everything bout Splitsvilla.

But sometime I even feel that it was O.K. that I got out of the game @ dis point of time, as it was getting dirtier day by day… The girls over here r extra smart n it seems 2 me as if nothing in there life is as important as winning dis game. The accusations, blames & fights r gonna get bigger & dirtier. Some girls r becoming over-abusive & shameless.

So it’s cool with me dat am leavin @ dis point of time, coz I dun want d mudslinging thing happening wt me 4 no reason. Although the stakes r very high I can’t stoop that low to go that high.

The reason for my elimination.
The only reason behind my elimination for which Varun is responsible, is his fat n rotten brain which refuses 2 work or help him 2 make a right or even a sensible decision. He’s so damn brash, he’s one Godforsaken, malnutritioned, thin-waisted bozo! He’s one hypocrite who himself @ one point of time is gonna say, “Oh! I luv d way u dance.”

“I like ur attitude,” ” I like d way u carry urself.” N then @ d dumping ground just to look cool he says, “Sorry, babes, I dun find anything in u.” Duh! Feel like throwing cat shit on his Halloween mask which he considers his face. One piece of advise 4 him- U duffer, utilize the heavy thing placed above ur shoulder called a “Brain”; it will help!

Pick from the two boys?

Even though I dun like any of the guyz much, but even then if I had 2 choose I would go 4 Vishal, as I think there is a bit of similarity between us, as he’s a bit sensitive, sensible, unexpected, likes whacky things, likes adventure, flying n heights, caring but demands more care comparatively, shy, fun loving. We do share some common interests. I like his decency & calmness. I like guyz who r decent, classy, a bit wild, fun loving, a bit flirty, humorous, n wit some etiquettes (am preparing my ad 4 d matrimony section. He he!) This is the reason why I wud choose Vishal.

Who has the best chance to win?
According 2 me d girl who has fabulous acting skills will win d show. Coz after coming 2 d show I realized it’s near impossible 2 “fall in love” wit d boyz in d given choices, u might gel along nicely, u may connect nicely but 2 fall in love, NEVER! Love doesn’t happen like dis, lust does. As for d girlz I would say that they r very gud at pretending, good players, n some of ’em wud go to any extent 2 win d show n d prizes. They have d least interest in d boyz, as they say “Oh! Am here 4 a relationship, I am falling 4 him.” N wat rubbish, it’s just d prize money n d show which interests ’em. There is nothing wrong in being here 4 d prize or publicity or whicheva ur interest is but at least dun DISGUISE it with d word love.

Do not fake it up!!

Your friends in Splitsvilla?
In Splitsvilla d girlz whom I could actually call ma frendz were Shruti, Arti n Yamini. Shruti n Arti r very sweet n pleasant people, they r very down 2 earth n dey don’t fake it. Shruti n Yamini were my roomies 4rm d beginning n Arti joined us later. They r very lovely n decent girlz, I really enjoyed in their company n loved ’em as ma roomies. V were always 2gether n never had any hard or competitive feeling amongst us. V felt very bad as Arti left d show a bit early, but still v 3 stuck 2gether always. V had d strongest bond of friendship in Splitsvilla. V had so much fun 2gether. I simply love ’em! Another girl dt I really liked in d show wuz Hoorzan, d first day I met her I quite really liked her n den when I came 2 know her more I started liking her more. Some qualities of her apart 4rm her stunning appearance which I really liked were her straightforward attitude, her lively spirit, her elegance, her intelligence, her smiley face, …..n I’ll keep on writing. She was d actual combination of beauty with brains. Luv u, Hoor.

The girls you didn’t like at all? Why?
The girlz I didn’t like inSsplitsvilla at all would b Prianca, Bosky & Hannah.

Prianca- Coz she is very manipulative, she is not at all classy, one SHAMELESS chick on d show.

Bosky- Very clever, good @ fighting n dominating people, she plays mind games with every1, but I think she’s gonna fall in her own trap.

Hannah- Just one word 4 u: Ultra-Pretentious.

Your experience at Splitsvilla?
My experience @ Splitsvilla wuz simply amazing, all those things that I’ve never experienced in my life I got 2 experience here. I got a chance of getting my makeup done 4rm an expert, going 4 a photo shoot (Gee! It was my first time), flying 2 Goa all by myself, staying there among 20 girls (sounded scary to me), no upper hand of my folks, all those competitions, trying my hands on bitching, plotting n everything. A mind-blowing party, a chance 2 meet Sikander Kher, n d most exciting part – I got 2 c RANNVIJAY everyday (I know u Rannvijay fans must b jealous.. he! he!, well every1 luvs RV. In fact I got so lost that I almost forgot d 2 guyz!) Another gud thing bout Splitsvilla was when v got a chance 2 meet ^Raghu^ ( was trying 2 make horns, it suits him J) For me Splitsvilla was a dream come true, it was soooo gud, wish I could stay longer, but had no choice.

Would you come back if you had the chance?
If given a choice of coming back 2 d show, I would choose not 2 come coz I feel that d time when I left Splitsvilla was apt for me, as things were getting worse n I don’t want 2 b a part of d mudslinging happening there n anywayz I believe dat all gud things should come 2 an end, so am happy n contended missing d lovely things happened 2 me there.