Don’t Underestimate The Girls : Rannvijay

Splitsvilla seems to be getting steamier by the day especially for the prize boys Varun and Vishal but more on that later.

First, an update on the twists in the love stories/ lust stories. Last week for the first time, we left the boys to do their own thing and they happily walked into Splitsvilla to hang out with the girls. They then asked one girl each for some time alone. Varun, of course, chose Heena. And Vishal chose wait amin not Shraddha, but Priyanka! What can I say everyone likes to play the field… and one can imagine the fireworks within SplitsVilla thereon…..


Rannvijay is not marrying with Anusha – Good News For GALS

Rannvijay is enjoying himself!

Is that why Rannnvijay takes the “just good friends” stand about fellow VJ Anusha Dandekar?

From being the winner of the first season of the hit reality show Roadies, to hosting the show now, how has the journey been so far?

As soon as I finished Roadies, the channel offered me a three-month contract. I have been involved with Roadies ever since. As a Roadie I just did my thing. There were no responsibilities involved, but as a host, I have tremendous responsibility.

You have been part of Roadies since its inception, how has the show changed in terms of

People who were there for the first two or three seasons were not well aware of what a Roadie was required to say or do. It was only after a few seasons that people came to understand the kind of recognition that a Roadie takes home. This made the participants more wary and everybody suddenly wanted to become a Roadie. Now the contestants are tougher and more ambitious. They play their politics even before the elimination round happens and they know who’s going home. To ensure that the game does not become predictable, we introduce twists and turns in the show.

Mumbai Cutting, Toss… You seem to be on a roll. Tell us more about Bollywood calling?

Before Roadies happened, I had set my mind to join the Army. But after winning the show, things changed drastically for me. Suddenly, I found myself bagging a three-month contract with the channel. It was risky though, because I didn’t know what would happen after those three months.

What is the kind of life that you are trying to promote with shows like Splitsvilla and Roadies?

Our aim is to entertain people. With our shows we are not telling people to lead life in a certain manner.

What would your reply be to detractors who say that such shows promote backstabbing and encourage teenagers to adopt a ruthless image?

We don’t provide scripts to our contestants. Everything you see is natural. Cut-throat competition brings out the best and worst in everyone and if by seeing this on television, somebody thinks that we are trying to promote a certain type of image then he/she is definitely living in fool’s paradise. This is
happening everywhere.

You said that in Roadies, before every task is performed by the contestants, you and Raghu do the tasks yourselves. Which was the scariest task you have done so far?

I almost died while performing a water task in Malaysia during the Rodies 5.0 edition. That was the scariest task for me.

Would you be part of a reality show like Big Brother or Bigg Boss?

I’ve already been part of a show that was extremely popular and challenging. I don’t want to rule out anything for the future but for the time being, I wouldn’t like to take part in any reality show, unless it’s something like Amazing Race.

Would you let your girlfriend participate in Splitsvilla?

Of course, why not? I would definitely encourage her to go for a show like this.

So, who are you dating these days?

Nobody. I’m single but not ready to mingle.

But what about the rumours we keep hearing of you and Anusha Dandekar being a couple?

(Laughs) I’m only 25 for God’s sake! Anusha and I are good friends. I guess this rumour was generated during the Abhi-Ash marriage, when everybody was trying to link up everyone possible! That’s how our name also got listed.